Technology Solutions

We help organisations to identify vulnerabilities, plan and prepare for incidents, mitigate risk, respond to crises, and recover from their effects, protecting people, assets and reputation.

Our technology solutions are a crucial support service, providing complete, accurate and timely intelligence, powered by AI and verified by humans. This enables our clients to evaluate specific threats, exposures, and vulnerabilities, identify risk and seize opportunities, and make intelligence-led decisions to protect their assets, while ensuring compliance with duty of care obligations.

Proximity technology can identify where an event may affect personnel, assets or property, and mass communication services allow those affected to be instantly contacted and monitored.

Risk Management Portal

Our Risk Management Portal is accessed via the SE24 website, and includes a global map, risk evaluations (5 levels), and between 600 and 800 alerts per day. Alerts can be pushed through to SMS or emails, and filters can be set according to relevance.

SE24 Guardian App

The SE24 Guardian App provides all the services of the online platform, together with additional services, including active and passive tracking, SOS contact to a 24/7 crisis response centre, messaging, either direct or by group options, providing an ideal solution for travellers, lone workers or for those based in challenging or hostile environments.

Nominated administrators also have access to comprehensive and detailed country reports, which are updated regularly to reflect developing situations.

Apps are available at an extremely competitive price, ensuring compliance with duty of care obligations, and protecting people and assets globally.

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