Insurance Sector

SE24 is retained by some of the world’s largest insurance companies to respond to their special risks policies.

Our management team is well versed in operational risk management and is knowledgeable in the technical aspects of the insurance markets, including wordings and policy perils, and most importantly the need to ensure that both acquisition and claims/response costs remain within acceptable and agreed parameters.

Our Risk Management Portal and our SE24 Guardian app are available 24/7 to insurance clients to assist them in mitigating or avoiding risk and ensuring compliance with their duty of care obligations.

Where pre-incident funds are available from the insurer, SE24 can offer a comprehensive range of courses and workshops including crisis management and crisis communications together with risk mitigation tools which can be adapted to each client’s needs.

Where more substantial clients have in-house risk management resources, we offer support services.  For those clients without the benefit of in-house expertise, we can provide a full range of risk assessment and risk management services globally.

At SE24, we pride ourselves on our flexible and collaborative approach, working with insurers to develop innovative products to combat ever evolving areas of risk.

Insurance Module

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