Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

Wealth disparities, under-resourced law enforcement and political upheaval are driving an increase in kidnap ransom and extortion cases globally, with threats constantly evolving. 

Technological developments such as the use of AI to impersonate people has expanded the pool of potential victims for virtual kidnaps.

SE24 technology solutions assist our clients to monitor developing trends and help to mitigate and avoid risk, offering passive and active tracking and mass communications.

A kidnapping is traumatic for those involved but can also lead to significant financial losses not only from the ransom, but other associated costs such as business interruption, litigation, adverse publicity and damage to reputation.

Organisations need to have procedures and processes in place to protect their people, assets and reputation, and to ensure compliance with their duty of care obligations.

SE24 has comprehensive expertise in the management and resolution of KREcases globally, with decades of collective experience. 

In the event of a kidnap or extortion event, we can deploy a specialist consultant who is strategically based to ensure swift response.  They are well versed in the local culture and language, where an understanding of the local conditions and the tactics of groups operating in the region use, can be key to a swift resolution.

They will analyse the situation and provide advice and guidance for resolution, recommending effective negotiation strategies and assisting with liaison with law enforcement and stakeholders.

We are also able to offer:

  • Development and testing of KRE plans
  • Preparation and training, both in person and remotely
  • Simulations and desktop exercises
  • 24/7 global response
  • Trauma counselling

SE24 is the designated responder to many of the largest KRE insurers in the world.

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