Maritime Security

With the ever present threat to vessels and their crews being seized or attacked by pirates, not only off the Somali coast, but deeper into the Indian Ocean and the growing threat in the Gulf of Guinea, it is essential that ship-owners, Masters and their crews have access to the best security advice if they are not to fall prey to the ever more ruthless and resourceful pirates.

Security Exchange has one of the most experienced anti-piracy consultancy teams in the market, combining over twenty years’ of Kidnap & Ransom negotiations with the latest marine security measures and best practice, thereby affording clients the most effective prevention and response services at sea.

Recognising that the opportunity to deliver an effective preventive service to clients is often limited by time, Security Exchange has developed the ‘Ship Assure’ service which offers the Master and crew of the insured vessel, and its supporting control room, an unprecedented level of operational communications and support throughout their voyage from point of departure to port of destination.